Youth in Japan.

Although it is too subjective to say youth in Japan tends to be inactive, many online articles indicate the same proposition as mine.


I am currently preparing for studying abroad for the master degree and I don't belong to any organization such as university or firms.

This situation, however, is unwelcomed in Japan.

In my opinion, it seems to be 'common sense' to belong to enterprises and to enroll in Master course soon after students get bachelor degrees.  The concept, 'gap year' is seldom heard in Japan. Usually, kind of 'gap year' is disadvantage for youth because if students have any blank after graduate from uni, there might be few 'career opportunities' for them.(I reckon this is a sort of myth)


For these reasons and youth seems to strongly believe in this myth, they don't try to challenge and start new things on their own including studying abroad or volunteer works in foreign areas. 


Once young people are deviant from 'common sense', you are labeled "freeter", the acronym of free-arbiter who is not a full-time worker.

In Japan, the word , "freeter" was becaming used to problematise the inequality and neo-liberal economic policy such as restructuring by Koizumi administration of JLDP.  

But, nowadays the word is used to problematise freeters in turn. I reckon it is their will to decide to work in part-time or full-time and there is no hierarchical critera to evaluate which is superior or inferior, in fact they are mutually suportive and indispensable each other. Nevertheless, many people in Japan, especially upper generation and right-wing politicians and intellectuals accused freeters with lack of 'social responsibility'.


So, this bizarre common sense are deeply prevalent in Japanese Society, many young people are so afraid of the deviation from common sense and social order that they cannot start new things even if they hope so.


This social structure, in my view, make young people suffocate and participate in the relentless competition of neoliberalism.

This is an irrational situation to improve, isn't it?


*Please share your comments and the case of your country if possible. Thank you for reading.

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